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Medicines Waste

Medicines Waste

NHS East Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen CCGs are addressing the growing issue of medicines waste,
which is fast becoming a major concern for the NHS nationally. Medicines that are unused and thrown away 
cost the NHS £300 million of tax payers’ money every year. £300 million pounds of tax payers’ could be 
reinvested in our NHS by preventing medicines waste.
Everyone has a part to play to reduce the waste of medicines. 
How can you help? If everyone makes small changes then together we can make a massive difference to 
reducing medicines waste and looking after our NHS. 

Check what medicines you have already at home before you re-order more. 

Medicines can't be re-used  once they have left the pharmacy. Don't request more medicines if you have less than 10 days supply in your medicine cupboard.

Remember don’t tick it if you don’t need it! 

There is no need to worry, the item will not disappear from your repeat prescription. It will still be there next time you need to order your medication. 

Next time you pick up your prescription from the pharmacy check your prescription bag whilst you are still inside the pharmacy.

This means that you can return any unwanted medicines to the pharmacist. You cannot do this once you have left the pharmacy. 

Having regular discussions with your pharmacist and GP will mean you get the right help with taking your medicines

Speak to your pharmacist about booking a Medicines use review, to discuss getting the most from your prescription medicines.