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Primary Care Rebate Schemes

Primary Care Rebate Schemes

Primary care rebate schemes [PCRS] are contractual arrangements offered by pharmaceutical companies, or third party  companies, which offer retrospective financial rebates to the CCG on GP prescribing expenditure for particular branded medicine(s). The availability of a scheme does not influence the inclusion of specific medicines in care pathways or formularies.   

Both East Lancashire CCG and Blackburn with Darwen CCG are members of PrescQIPP and refer to the reviews undertaken  by PrescQIPP’s Pharmaceutical Industry Scheme Governance Review Board (PISGRB).  See Primary care rebates | PrescQIPP C.I.C for more details. 

We are unable to publish the full details of the PCRS because this is commercially sensitive information.  NHS East Lancashire CCG is currently signed up to the following:

 Companies Involved Drugs covered  Date Started  End date 
 Abbott Laboratories   FreeStyle Libre sensors  01/01/2022  31/12/2022
 AZ  Zoladex®  01/07/2015  Annual Review
 Chiesi  Clenil®
 Chiesi  Fostair® MDI  01/08/2021  31/07/2023
 Chiesi  Fostair NEXThaler®   01/04/2021   31/03/2023
 Ethypharm  Fencino®  Q4 16/17  Annual Review
 Ethypharm  Pipexus®  01/02/2020  Annual Review
 Ethypharm  Xaggitin®  October 2018  Annual Review
 Ethypharm  Physeptone®  22/11/2021  31/11/2023
 Ferring  Degarelix®  01/01/2017  31/12/2022
 Fontus  Luventa®        01/01/2017  Annual Review 
 Fontus  Zaluron®  01/01/2017  Annual Review
 Fresenius  Fresenius Sip feeds  01/12/2016  Annual Review
 Sandoz  Mezolar®  01/01/2018  01/01/2021
 Sanofi  Apidra®  01/07/2020  30/06/2021
 Sanofi  Insuman®  01/07/2020  30/06/2021
 Sanofi  Lantus®  01/04/2020  31/03/2021
 Spirit  CareSens® N (Reagent) Strips  Q1 13/14  Annual Review 
 Spirit  CareSens® Lancets 0.31mm/30 gauge  Q1 13/14  Annual Review
 Spirit  CareSens® Lancets 0.36mm/28 gauge  Q1 13/14  Annual Review
 QDEM  Longtec®  01/11/2019  Annual Review

NHS Blackburn with Darwen CCG is currently signed up to the following:

 AZ  Zoladex®  01/01/2019  Annual Review
 Chiesi  Clenil®
 Chiesi  Fostair® MDI
 01/11/2021   31/10/2023
 Chiesi  Fostair NEXThaler®  01/07/2021  30/06/2023
 Ethypharm  Physeptone®  22/11/2021  Annual Review
 Fresenius  Fresenius Sip feeds  01/12/2016  Annual Review
 Sanofi  Toujeo®  01/07/2021  30/06/2022


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