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Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

Patient Group Directions (PGDs)
Immunisation and Vaccination PGDs 
Access to the most recent Patient Group Directions are available on the Public Health England website.
Public Health England (PHE) immunisation patient group direction (PGD) templates have been developed and ratified in accordance 
with PHE PGD Policy. They have been signed by a doctor, nurse and pharmacist, from Public Health England's national immunisation team, who have been involved in the PGD development.
PHE authorised immunisation PGDs require further authorisation, in Section 2 of the PGD document before they can be used. This should be by an appropriate authorising person, relating to the class of person by whom product is to be supplied, in 
accordance with the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 (HMR). This may be a clinical governance or patient safety lead,  who has 
designated responsibility for signing PGDs on behalf of the authorising body. The PGD is not legal or valid without signed 
authorisation in accordance with HMR 2012 schedule 16 part 2. * see below.
Adoption and governance of the use of PHE PGDs is the responsibility of the authorising organisation and provider. Provider 
organisations, health professionals and immunisation practitioners should check they are working to the current PGD versions and only work to documents authorised in accordance with HMR 2012 schedule 16 part 2
These PGDs should be used with reference to the Green Book, and summary of product characteristics for the vaccine. 

Locally authorised PGD templates to support national immunisation programmes can be accessed here 

*For information - All legal signed copies of all PGDs are held centrally at CCG HQ offices. 


For details on Vaccination of Individuals with Uncertain or Incomplete Immunisation Status - Click Here

The BMA have produced a reference document "Patient Group Directions and Patient Specific Directions in general practice" which can be accessed here.

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