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DiseaseĀ and Condition Specific Guidelines

Disease and Condition Specific Guidelines
These are approved guidelines that specifically relate to the management of a specific disease or condition, rather than a single medicine, or group of medicines.

Items In This Category

application/pdfPsoriasis Management Guideline in Primary Care ELHE v1.2 pdf (308KB)30/06/2017Download
application/pdfPsoriatic Arthritis Recommended Treatment Pathway Version 5 Dec 23.pdf (149KB)19/01/2018Download
application/pdfPunjabi Asthma Action Plan.pdf (6.57MB)20/06/2019Download
application/pdfPyoderma Gangrenosum Update Dec 2020 - Lay reviewed Nov 2020(2).pdf (292KB)30/11/2021Download
application/pdfRamadan-Rapid-Review-Recommendations-Risk-Table (1).pdf (175KB)27/04/2020Download
application/pdfRestless Legs Syndrome Guidelines version 1.2.pdf (283KB)21/06/2016Download
application/pdfRheumatoid Arthritis High Cost drugs Pathway _v5 Feb 22 pdf (103KB)21/06/2016Download
application/pdfRheumatoid Arthritis Recommended High Cost Drugs Pathway_v5 Feb 2022.pdf (103KB)27/05/2020Download
application/pdfSelf Monitoring of Blood Glucose Testing Care Plan 190617 v2.pdf (189KB)26/10/2017Download
application/pdfSelf Monitoring of Blood Glucose Testing Care Plan 190617 v2.pdf (189KB)27/06/2018Download
application/pdfSkip the Dip poster_ELMMB_070323_v1.3.pdf (270KB)21/03/2023Download
application/pdfSpecials Recommended by the British Association of Dermatologists for Skin Disease 2018 (2.47MB)08/11/2017Download
application/pdfStop smoking service providers East lancashire.pdf (911KB)27/10/2020Download
application/pdfTirbanibulin guidance for use_v1.0.pdf (173KB)24/03/2022Download
application/pdfTranexamic Acid Topical Use to control surface bleeding from fungating wounds in the skin (2) (1) (2 (874KB)02/06/2020Download
application/pdfTrans female Gender Dysphoria prescribing information sheet Version 1.2pdf (239KB)12/09/2019Download
application/pdfTrans Male Gender Dysphoria prescribing information sheet Version-1..2pdf (293KB)12/09/2019Download
application/pdfTreating Your Infection - RTI Leaflet - Version 6.pdf (384KB)22/01/2018Download
application/pdfUrdu Asthma Action Plan.pdf (10.96MB)20/06/2019Download
application/pdfUrinary Catheter Policy 2017 ELHT (1) IC28 V1.1.pdf (901KB)08/01/2018Download
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