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Drug Alerts and Withdrawals

Drug Alerts and Withdrawals
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When the MHRA, or occasionally another regulatory body in another country, such as the FDA, release advice, it is sometime necessary to produce additional local guidance.  This aims to be both clear and concise advice to healthcare professionals on the local action required to implement or respond to alerts issued by the MHRA or other bodies.  These memorandums are available below for reference, once they have been circulated to the relevant professionals in primary and secondary care:

MHRA News Stories.

 4th January 2022      MHRA Press Release Strong Steroid found in 'natural' skin cream. MHRA have issued a recall asking patients
                                     to return affected products.
11th Nov 2021           News Release Patient safety priority in recall of batches of cold and flu medicine with labelling error.
15th Sept 2021          MHRA Press Release The MHRA is advising anyone experiencing skin redness or burning sensations after
                                     they have stopped using these creams or ointments to seek advice from their health professional before
                                     using these products again.
 9th August 2021       MHRA Press Release MHRA recalls contaminated Irbesartan-batches as a precautionary measure. 
                                                                        Patients should not stop any treatments without consulting their doctor or pharmacist.
 8th July 2021             MHRA Press Release First progesterone-only contraceptive pills to be available to purchase from pharmacies      
 1st July 2021             Company led medicines recall: Morphine Syringe 50mg/50ml [unlicensed medicine] and Magnesium Sulphate
                                                                                         8mmol/20ml infusion [unlicensed medicine]
 17th June 2021         MHRA Press Release  MHRA recalls contaminated Irbesartan and Losartan batches as precautionary measure
 8th June 2021           MHRA Press Release  Over 3 million medicines and devices seized in UK as part of global crackdown
 28th May 2021         MHRA Press Release A personal trainer sentenced to 31 months in jail for selling and supplying unlicensed and                                                                                prescription medicines, together with Anabolic steroids, to the public.        
 4th May 2021           MHRA Press Release  MHRA announces appointment of Chief Safety Officer

MHRA Company-led Drug alerts

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Items In This Category

application/pdfB Braun Medical Class 2 meds recall_various products_EL_23_A27_310723.pdf (148KB)31/07/2023Download
 Brief description of the problem B. Braun Medical Limited is recalling the specific product batches as a precautionary measure after traces of midazolam were detected in the batches listed in this... 
application/pdfPholcodine containing products class 2 meds recall EL_A_23_09.pdf (172KB)14/03/2023Download
 Following the conclusion of a review of post-marketing safety data by the MHRA, all pholcodinecontaining medicines are being recalled and withdrawn from the UK as a precaution. The Commission on... 
application/pdfClexane 10000IU per 1ml syringes Star Pharm_class 4 meds defect EL_22_A08.pdf (135KB)09/03/2023Download
 Drugsrus Limited has informed the MHRA that the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) packaged in specific batches of Clexane 10,000IU (100mg)/1 ml Syringes contains a typographical error in the... 
application/pdfMethadone 1mg per mL Oral Solution BP_ T&R Cl 4 meds recall EL_23_A07.pdf (203KB)07/03/2023Download
 Thornton & Ross Ltd has informed the MHRA that specific batches of Methadone 1mg/mL Oral Solution BP Sugar Free have been packaged with the incorrect Product Information Leaflet (PIL). The incorrect ... 
application/pdfLevothyroxine 12.5mcg tablets mar23 EL_23_A06_Final.pdf (112KB)02/03/2023Download
 Teva UK Limited is recalling the above batch of Levothyroxine 12.5mcg Tablets in response to a lower than required assay result discovered during routine stability testing. 
application/pdfOxycodone HcL 10mg per 1ml oral soln Cl 4 meds recall_291122.pdf (94KB)29/11/2022Download
 Lucis Pharma Ltd has informed the MHRA that there is a typographical error with text on the rear side of the outer packaging for Oxycodone Hydrochloride 10mg/ml Oral Solution. The text incorrectly... 
application/pdfVenlafaxine XL 300mg PR tabs_martindale Cl4 meds recall EL22_A_47_nov22.pdf (61KB)17/11/2022Download
application/pdfStemetil Syrup 5mg per 5ml Class 2 meds recall EL_22_A41_061-22.pdf (122KB)06/10/2022Download
 Sanofi is recalling all batches of the above product as a precautionary measure due to the identification of N-nitrosomethylphenylamine (NMPA) above the acceptable limit. Nitrosamines may increase... 
application/pdfMexilitenene_Class_1-Recall-2022-007.pdf (216KB)04/08/2022Download
 Information for HCP - ACTION NOW 
application/pdfMexilitene 50_100_200mg_caps Class 1 recall NatPSA-2022-007.pdf (200KB)04/08/2022Download
 National Patient Safety Alert 
application/pdfParoxetine 40mf fc tablets_crescent pharmac_ cl 2meds recall_270422.pdf (97KB)27/04/2022Download
application/pdfBeclometasone dip nasal spray Class 4 meds defect EL__22_A_14_Final150322.pdf (213KB)15/03/2022Download
 Ayrton Saunders Limited have identified an error relating to the Braille printed on the cartons. See Appendix 1 in this notification for detailed Braille information 
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