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The most recent Guidelines for Primary and Secondary Care can be found below:

Antimicrobial Guidelines in Primary Care

Antimicrobial Guidelines for Secondary Care

For further guidance refer to local Consultant Microbiologists or contact your pharmacist.

Treatment of Oral Candidiasis in adults 
First line: 
Fluconazole* 50mg (capsules) orally once daily
     Course duration 7 days
*Fluconazole has clinically significant interactions with other medicines - check these before prescribing
Second line when fluconazole is contraindicated
Nystatin suspension 100,000units/mL  dose 4ml every 6 hours
      Course duration 7 days

GREEN      Amphotericin lozenges 1mg
RED           Amphotericin
                   Injection liposomal 50mg (on advice of Consultant Microbiologist only)
                   Injection complex 50mg   (on advice of Consultant Microbiologist only)
GREEN      Fluconazole
                   capsules 50mg, 150mg, 200mg
                   suspension 50mg/5ml,  200mg/5mL
RED           Fluconazole
                   injection 50mg/25mL
                   infusion 200mg/100mL
RED           Flucytosine
                   infusion 10mg/mL 250mL (on advice of Consultant Microbiologist only)
GREEN      Itraconazole 
                   capsules 100mg
                   liquid 50mg/5mL
GREEN      Ketoconazole tablets 200mg
GREEN      Miconazole oral gel 24mg/mL
GREEN      Nystatin suspension 100,000u/mL
GREEN      Terbinafine tablets 250mg
AMBER     Voriconazole
                   Tablets 50mg, 200mg  [on advice of microbiologist only, '2 weeks only']
                   Suspension 200mg/5mL [on advice of microbiologist only, '2 weeks only']
RED           Voriconazole Intravenous infusion 200mg
RED           Isavuconazole [2nd line use when side effects to voriconazole and use only on advice of Consultant Microbiologist]
                  Capsules 200mg [Cresemba®]
                  Powder for concentrate for solution for infusion [Cresemba®]
RED           Micafungin intravenous infusion 50mg and 100mg (paediatric use only)
RED             Anidulafungin intravenous infusion 100mg (adult use) 
RED           Posaconazole suspension 200mg/5mL



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