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4.7.1 Non Opioid Analgesia

4.7.1 Non Opioid Analgesics

        For mild to moderate pain relief. Suitable for pain in musculoskeletal conditions.
        GREEN         Paracetamol [Consider OTC/Self care]  
                              tablets 500mg,  soluble tablets 500mg
                              suspension 120mg/5mL, 250mg/5mL
                              suspension SF 500mg/5mL (Rosemont)  [for patients with swallowing difficulties]
                              suppositories 125mg, 250mg, 500mg
       For short term use as advised by acute pain team or anaesthetists only
       RED               Paracetamol intravenous infusion 10mg/mL 100mL vial 
       Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
       Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Diclofenac
      for preparations see section 10.1.1
      Compound analgesic preparations (containing opioids)
      These preparations should not be used routinely. 
      Patients should be given the individual components where possible to allow titration of dose.
      Where these preparations are used, they should be for short term use only, for relief of moderate pain.
      GREEN      Co-codamol 8/500 (codeine 8mg + paracetamol 500mg) [Consider OTC/Self care]  
                         tablets 8/500, tablets dispersible 8/500
      GREEN      Co-codamol 30/500 (codeine 30mg + paracetamol 500mg) 
                         tablets 30/500, tablets effervescent 30/500 
      GREEN      Co-dydramol (dihydrocodeine 10mg + paracetamol 500mg) 
                         tablets 10/500  
      BLACK       Nefopam tablets - link to ELHE Position Statement
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