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 4.11 Drugs for Dementia

Refer to latest NICE guidance, TAG217, March 2011 (updated May 2016).  Only specialists should initiate treatment after formal
assessment including tests of cognitive, global and behavioural functioning and the likelihood of the patient to comply with
therapy. GPs may be asked to take over prescribing once an appropriate maintenance dose has been reached and the patient has
been demonstrated to benefit from therapy. Patients continuing on treatment should be assessed every six months in secondary
AMBER                 Generic Donepezil  (1st line use) 
                              tablets and orodispersible tablets 5mg, 10mg 
                              NB Orodispersible tablets should be reserved for use in those with swallowing difficulties only.
                              (Dispersible tablets are more cost effective compared to liquid preparations)
AMBER                 Galantamine modified release tablets 8mg, 16mg, 24mg 
                              Preferred formulary choices are Gatalin® XL tablets Luventa® XL tablets
                              (Prescribe by brand)
 (Please note  standard release tablets or liquid preparations are not approved for use in EL & BwD CCG and should not be prescribed in
 Primary Care) 
AMBER                Rivastigmine 
                             capsules 1.5mg, 3mg, 4.5mg
                             solution 10mg/5mL
                             patches 4.6mg/24 hours, 9.5mg/24 hours
  NB patches should be reserved for those patients who are unable to tolerate or swallow an AChEI. 
AMBER               Memantine (3rd lne choice)
                             tablets 10mg, 20mg
                             oral solution 10mg/mL
                             orodispersible tablets 10mg, 20mg
 A prescribing information sheet for these drugs can be found here 
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 public seeking advice on medicine-related matters are advised to speak with their GP, pharmacist, nurse or contact NHS111 Service.
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