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2.10 Myocardial infarction and fibrInolysis

2.10 Myocardial infarction and fibrinolysis
          Thrombolytic treatment of myocardial infarction should be given as early as possible
      2.10.2 Fibrinolytic drugs
                   RED           Alteplase injection 10mg, 20mg, 50mg
                   RED           Streptokinase injection 750,000 units per vial
                   RED           Tenecteplase 40mg and 50mg per vial
                   RED           Urokinase injection 10,000 units, 25,000 units, 100,000 units
                   RED           Tissue Plasminogen Activator (TPA) - for use by Opthalmology for submacular haemorrhage