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13.7 Preparations for Warts and Calluses

      13.7 Preparations for warts and calluses
         All warts are self-limiting and eventually disappear spontaneously. Salicyclic acid preparations are useful but may cause 
         irritation of the treated area.
         First line 
         GREEN      Salactol® paint (contains salicylic acid 16.7%, lactic acid 16.7% in colloidon) 
         Second line 
         GREEN      Salicylic acid 50% ointment (Verrugon®) 
         GREEN      Salicylic acid 26% polyacrylic solution (Occlusal®) 
         Third line 
         GREEN      Formaldehyde 0.75% gel (Veracur®) 
         GREEN      Glutaraldehyde 10% solution (Glutarol®) 

         Salicylic acid with lanolin
         Salicylic acid softens keratin and makes scales easier to remove and is appropriate for use in patients requiring a keratolytic
         product  without a steroid component Indications for use include psoriasis, eczema, keratodermas, viral warts, callosities

         AMBER       Salicylic acid 2% ointment BP [alternative to Lan Vas Sal ointment]
         Anogenital warts 
         Imiquimod cream (Aldara®) is licensed for the treatment of superficial basal cell carcinomas (specialist use only). It is also
         used for actinic keratosis and external genital warts in adults
         GREEN      Podophyllotoxin    0.15% cream (Warticon®) 
         AMBER     Imiquimod 5% cream (Aldara®) - (external genital warts and actinic keratosis) 
         RED           Imiquimod 5% cream (Aldara®) - (superficial basal cell carcinoma)
         [Only to be prescribed by skin cancer specialists or a suitably qualified GP with specialist interest (GPwSI) with demonstrable clinical
           skills and competencies, training and experience]