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13.11 Skin Cleansers and Antiseptics
            13.11 Alcohols and saline
                   Suitable for general cleansing of skin and wounds.
                   See Joint Wound Care Formulary for order of preference - click here to access it 
                   GREEN     Sodium chloride 0.9% solution sachets (Irripod®, Normasol®)
            13.11.2 Chlorhexidine salts
                   Suitable for disinfection of skin.
                   GREEN     Chlorhexidine cleansing solution (Hibiscrub®) 
                   GREEN     Chlorhexidines Gluconate Alcoholic & Aqueous Solutions (Hydrex® & Unisept® respectively) 
                   Both products are for skin disinfection by primary care prescribers only (different preparations are routinely used in 
                   secondary care). Both are listed on the Nurse Practitioners Formulary.
            13.11.4 Iodine
                   Suitable for disinfection of skin
                   GREEN     Povidone-iodine (Betadine®) 
                                     antiseptic paint 10%,  antiseptic solution 10%,
                                     dry powder spray 2.5%,  surgical scrub 7.5%
            13.11.5 Phenolics
                   Used as part of MRSA regimen
                   GREEN     Octenisan® skin cleanser   
                   GREEN     Triclosan skin cleanser 
       13.11.6 Astringents, oxidisers and dyes
                   GREEN     Hydrogen peroxide cream 1%[Crystacide®] 1st line topical use for localised non-bullous impetigo
                                     [any other indication BLACK traffic light]
                   GREEN    Hydrogen peroxide solution 3% (10 vols.) 
                   GREEN    Potassium permanganate 400mg tablets for solution (Permitabs®) 
                                      - 1 tablet dissolved in 4 litres in water provides a 0.01% (1 in 10,000) solution