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1.9 Drugs affecting intestinal secretions


1.9 Drugs Affecting Intestinal Secretions

    1.9.1 Drugs affecting biliary composition and flow

            Mainly used for unlicensed use in itching related to gall bladder problems
            AMBER     Ursodeoxycholic acid  
                              tablets 150mg, capsules 250mg
                              suspension 250mg in 5mL
            RED          Obeticholic acid▼                                                                                                         NHS England Commissioned 
                             film coated tablets 5mg, 10mg
                             Patients should be reviewed 12 months after initiation to review effectiveness and treatment should only  
                             continue if there is  evidence of clinical  benefit - as per NICE TA443

    1.9.2 Bile acid sequestrants

            GREEN       Colestyramine sachets 4g (Questran Light®)

    1.9.4 Pancreatin

            GREEN       Creon® 10,000 capsules (protease 600/lipase 10,000/amylase 8000) 
            GREEN       Creon® 25,000 capsules (protease 1,000/lipase 25,000/amylase 18,000) 
            AMBER      Nutrizym 22® capsules (Amylase 19800 unit/Lipase 22000 unit/Protease 1100 unit) - second line option when    
                               creon® not tolerated
            RED            Pancrex V Powder®  administration via enteral feeding tubes to reduce malabsorption in patients on enteral feeds.
                               Gastroenterology use ONLY
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