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Patient Group Directions

Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

For information - All legal signed copies of all PGDs are held centrally at CCG HQ offices.

PGD Supporting information available here.

The BMA have produced a reference document "Patient Group Directions and Patient Specific Directions in general practice" which can be accessed here:

Immunisation & Vaccination PGDs (Primary Care Use Only)
For details on Vaccination of Individuals with Uncertain or 
Incomplete Immunisation Status - Click Here

Items In This Category

 TitleDownloadReview Date
application/pdf1. PGD Index Lancashire _v3.0.pdf (29KB)Download
application/pdfAdrenaline Protocol FINAL.pdf (627KB)Download30/11/2020
application/pdfDepo-provera PGD Initiation-2018 update FINAL V1.pdf (443KB)Download01/04/2021
application/pdfDepo-provera PGD Repeat Administration- 2018 update FINAL V1.pdf (436KB)Download01/04/2021
application/pdfdtap/ipv/hib for use as Pre School Boosters PGD_v1.00 (2) phe.pdf (340KB)Download31/08/2019
application/pdfDTaP/IPV/Hib/HepB PGD_v1.00 phe signed .pdf (377KB)Download31/08/2019
application/pdfDTaPIPV PHE v2.00 (final).pdf (135KB)Download30/11/2019
application/pdfDTaP-IPV-Hib (paediacel or Infanrix) 2017 1 (final) (3).pdf (587KB)Download31/08/2020
application/pdfFluenz (LAIV) Seasonal Influenza Nasal Spray PHE v07.00.1(Final).pdf (510KB)Download01/04/2019
application/pdfHep A & B vaccine PGD (TEMP) PHE v02.00 0118.pdf (265KB)Download31/10/2020
application/pdfHep A+ B vaccine PGD PHE v01.00 Jan 2018 pdf (185KB)Download01/05/2019
application/pdfHepatitis A Typhoid PGD PHE v01:00 final.pdf (249KB)Download01/09/2019
application/pdfHepatitis A vaccine PGD PHE v01.00 jan 2018 pdf (292KB)Download01/05/2019
application/pdfHepatitis B PGD PHE v01:00 Final.pdf (281KB)Download01/11/2018
application/pdfHepB Renal PGD PHE v01.00.pdf (243KB)Download01/11/2018
application/pdfHib MenC v3.00 PHE (287KB)Download01/02/2020
application/pdfHibMenC at Risk v 02.00 PHE.pdf (236KB)Download31/10/2020
application/pdfHuman Papillomavirus v2.00 PHE pdf (300KB)Download31/10/2019
application/pdfIMInfluenzaPGDV06.00_addendum.pdf (131KB)Download
application/pdfInactivated Seasonal influenza 2018-19.2 pdf v06.00 (428KB)Download
application/pdfMen ACWY Conjugate V02.00 PHE(final).pdf (346KB)Download30/06/2019
application/pdfMen B risk groups PGD V012018.pdf (251KB)Download01/09/2018
application/pdfMenACWY Risk Groups PGD v1.00 (2)PHE.pdf (387KB)Download01/09/2018
application/pdfMenB PGD v03.pdf (184KB)Download01/11/2019
application/pdfMMR PGD PHE _v2.00.pdf (383KB)Download01/08/2019
application/pdfPertussis PGD PHE _v3.00 (262KB)Download01/10/2018
application/pdfPneumococcal conjugate risk groups PGD PHE v2.00 .pdf (278KB)Download01/12/2018
application/pdfPneumococcal Poly v02.00 (final).pdf (366KB)Download31/08/2020
application/pdfPneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine (13-valent, adsorbed) (PCV13)v02.00.pdf (237KB)Download31/01/2021
application/pdfRepevax for Healthcare Workers dTP-IPV 015.1(final).pdf (376KB)Download31/01/2018
application/pdfRotavirus PGD v03.00 PHE Final.pdf (262KB)Download
application/pdfSayana press PGD Initation- 2018 update FINAL V1.pdf (481KB)Download01/04/2021
application/pdfSayana press PGD Repeat Administration- 2018 update FINAL V1.pdf (447KB)Download01/04/2021
application/pdfShingles PGD v07.0 PHE (final).pdf (286KB)Download31/03/2019
application/pdfTdIPV (Revaxis)PHE v02.00 PHE final.pdf (305KB)Download31/10/2019
application/pdfTyphoid PGD. v011(final).pdf (234KB)Download01/09/2019
application/pdfVaricella 2016.1 (final).pdf (121KB)Download31/03/2019
Patient Group Directions for Reversibility Testing with respiratory symptoms