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Here you will find our Prescribing Guidelines. You can search for items using the search box or use the sub-category links.

Further information about our the development of our guidelines is available here

Overarching Policy for the Managed Introduction of New Drugs  
(Priority Setting of Medicines) - download using the link below

Items In This Category

application/pdfOral Nutrition Supplements Prescribing for Care Home Residents.pdf ELHE (473KB)13/06/2017Download
application/pdfOral Nutrition Supplements, Prescribing for care home residents.pdf (473KB)13/06/2017Download
application/pdfOral Nutritional Supplements in Primary Care Guidance-Version-1.0-September-2017.pdf (412KB)21/11/2017Download
application/pdfotc-guidance-for-ccgs.pdf (615KB)17/02/2020Download
application/pdfOtitis media(acute: antimicrobial prescribing NG91 visual-summary-pdf-4787282702.pdf (163KB)21/03/2019Download
application/pdfOut of area position statement-v2_ELHE.pdf (527KB)11/09/2019Download
application/pdfOver the Counter Prescribing - Changes to prescribing -NHS England PILELMMB_1019.pdf (249KB)13/11/2019Download
application/pdfOveractive Bladder Syndrome Guidelines_v2 (384KB)21/06/2016Download
application/pdfPalliative Care - Consensus approaches to Managing Symptoms Clinical Practice Summary (v1.2).pdf (665KB)29/09/2017Download
application/pdfParkinsons during periods of fasting_Management FINAL MMB.pdf (444KB)21/06/2016Download
application/pdfPathway Non-Cancer Pain_ Managed Opioid Reduction Pathway v5.2.12 151019.pdf (3.15MB)09/12/2019Download
application/pdfPennine Lancashire Research Strategy pdf (1.24MB)25/07/2018Download
application/pdfPharmacy Process To Assess Medicines Support Needs - (community&domiciliary) Final.pdf (176KB)18/04/2017Download
application/pdfPhenylketonurea Position Statement _v1_0918 (672KB)20/09/2018Download
application/pdfPICO position statement ELHE.pdf (113KB)17/10/2016Download
application/pdfPKU - Prescribing Guidelines Oct 2009.pdf (27KB)21/06/2016Download
application/pdfPolicy for the provision of Glucose Monitoring Devices v1.pdf (270KB)05/04/2019Download
application/pdfPolish Asthma Action Plan.pdf (4.39MB)20/06/2019Download
application/pdfPolypharmacy - Guidance for Prescribing in Frail Adults 2014 AWMSG.pdf (962KB)21/06/2016Download
application/pdfPost-operative Pain Relief Patient Information_ 2012.pdf (234KB)21/06/2016Download
application/pdfPPI LEAFLET _July 2018.pdf (2.51MB)23/07/2018Download
application/pdfPrescribing Nutritional Supplements Post Bariatric Surgery-Version-1.2.pdf (273KB)22/01/2020Download
application/pdfPrescription Forms Management and Control of _v1.0 March 2018.pdf (2.58MB)18/04/2018Download
application/pdfPrescription Security Recommendations - FINAL Oct 2017 (3).pdf (374KB)10/01/2018Download
application/pdfPrevention of stroke and systemic embolism in non valvular atrial fibrillation_Pathway v-1.1 (925KB)26/10/2017Download
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