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Medicines Management Board Minutes

The Medicines Management Board meet on a monthly basis to discuss and make decisions on new medicines and policies. 


The upcoming dates for 2014/2015 are: 


  • Wednesday 19th Nov 2014

  • Wednesday 17th Dec 2014

  • Wednesday 21st Jan 2015

  • Wednesday 25th Feb 2015

  • Wednesday 25th Mar 2015

  • Wednesday 22nd Apr 2015

  • Wednesday 20th May 2015

  • Wednesday 17th June 2015

  • Wednesday 15th July 2015

  • Wednesday 19th Aug 2015

  • Wednesday 16th Sept 2015

  • Wednesday 21st Oct 2015

  • Wednesday 18th Nov 2015

  • Wednesday 16th Dec 2015


Below you will find the minutes from each of the meetings from January 2010 onwards. The minutes from subsequent meetings will be added as soon as they become available. 


Current Year - Medicines Management Board Minutes

application/pdfMedicine Management Board Minutes November 2015 (141 KB)23/12/2015Download
 Triamcinolone Hexacetonide injection approved for use for JIA only in ELHE. Not approved for other indications.Traffic Light: RED for JIA BLACK for other indications Colomycin in non CF Bronchiectesis – is recommended when long term nebulised therapy is being considered. Recommendation accepted for ELHE. Traffic Light: AMBER Magnasparte® - is the first licensed oral magnesium preparation and is the preferred choice for treatment and prevention of magnesium deficiency. Recommendation accepted f 
application/pdfMedicine Management Board Minutes October 2015 (138 KB)23/12/2015Download
 : FORMULARY UPDATES Sucralfate – on-going supply issues, with only unlicensed available, traffic light changed to RED. Intanza – is black traffic light.  
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Minutes September 2015 (182 KB)03/11/2015Download
 Sodium Bicarbonate Oral Solution – include licensed product on formulary. Clear information on dose and length of treatment should be provided to the GP. Traffic light: AMBER ELHT ECZEMA GUIDELINES- agreed in principle. ELHT Guidelines for the Management of Symptoms in the last days/ hours of life approved Naloxegol for treating opioid-induced constipation (TAG 345) - RED Traffic Light. Aflibercept for treating diabetic macular oedema (TAG 346) - RED Traffic Light. Nintedanib for previou 
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Minutes July 2015 (176 KB)24/09/2015Download
 New Product Request – Levofloxacin Eye Drops - RED Traffic Light. NHS England Commissioning Policy statement - Hepatitis C- acknowledged . Dementia Medicines Prescribing Information Sheet – accepted for use in ELHE. Position Statement for JIA in Adults – accepted for use in ELHE. Shared Care Guideline – ADHD in children & adolescents up to age of 18 years accept for use for ELHE. Budesonide - Budenofalk – the Budenofalk brand of budesonide dosing is more flexible than Entocort and it is mor 
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Minutes June 2015 (172 KB)08/09/2015Download
 Eflornithine – red traffic light for licensed indications is acknowledged by dermatology. Lidocaine patches - within licensed indications for Amber traffic light and would not be continued by GP's for unlicensed indications. NICE Recommendations: Rifaximin Amber traffic light agreed for ELHE for NICE indication. Testosterone (Testim) for female sexual dysfunction post oophorectomy or primary ovarian failure - BLACK Traffic Light for ELHE. The Pharmacological Management of Adults with Chron 
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Minutes May 2015 (173 KB)26/06/2015Download
 Insulin Degludec plus Liraglutide (Xultophy) - Traffic Light: BLACK Aciferol D3 2000 units/mL Liquid - GREEN Traffic Light Diclofenac tablets – removed from formulary - BLACK Traffic Light. ELHE GOOD PRACTICE GUIDANCE WHEN REQUIRED MEDICATION IN CARE HOMES. ELHE GOOD PRACTICE GUIDANCE CD'S IN CARE HOMES.  
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Minutes April 2015 (185 KB)25/06/2015Download
 NEW DRUG REQUEST – SECUKINUMAB - Await NICE guidance. NEW DRUG REQUEST – PANCREX V POWDER approved for inclusion in formulary. Olodaterol in the treatment of COPD - Traffic Light: GREY. Nalmefene - Traffic Light: RED Ciprofloxacin eye drops for use in ears - Traffic Light: RED Rivaroxaban for preventing adverse outcomes after acute management of acute coronary syndrone NICE (TAG 335). Traffic Light: AMBER. Empagliflozin in combination therapy for treating type 2 diabetes as dual therap 
application/pdfMedicines Mangament Board MInutes March 2015 (177 KB)25/06/2015Download
 Umeclidinium in COPD -Traffic Light: BLACK Silk Garments -Traffic Light: BLACK Lotriderm (Potent steroid and antifungal)-Traffic Light: GREEN Renacet to replace PhosLo- Traffic Light: AMBER Vitamin B Compound Strong for Re-Feeding syndrome only - Traffic Light: RED ELHT Antiplatelet guidance prior to endoscopy approved. Infliximab, adalimumab and golimumab for treating moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis after the failure of conventional therapy (including a review of TA14 
application/pdfMedicine Management Board Minutes Feb 2015 (134 KB)27/04/2015Download
 Sugammadex approved for use by Consultant Anaethetist only. Branded Generics for Oxycodone, Fentanyl patches, Isosorbide mononitrate MR, and mebeverine to be included in formulary Vedolizumab for Crohn's Disease – : BLACK Spironolactone for Acne Vulgaris –Traffic Light: RED SSRI's in Premature Ejaculation (PE) – Traffic Light: Amber Dapoxetine for Premature Ejaculation (PE) – is not recommended due to lack of cost and clinical effective evidence, long-term safety concerns and short-acting nature 
application/pdfMedicine Management Board Minutes Jan 2015 (147 KB)27/04/2015Download
 December 2014 meeting postponed so actions carried forward and discussed Jan 2015 Formulary Updates – Fulvestrant (Faslodex) – Consultant has agreed that patients on Faslodex can be referred to clinic for review. Formulary updates – Mirabegron – awaiting response for guidance on choice of treatment for urinary incontinence for use by Primary care clinicians. Nicardipine approved for use on critical care unit. Lacosamide approved for specialist paediatric use. Traffic light: RED  
application/pdfELHE Medicines Management Board Minutes November 2014 (172 KB)03/02/2015Download
 Lisdexamphetamine- treatment of ADHD in children and adults only in complex patients who meet two specific criteria- RED Traffic Light. Dabrafenib for treating unresectable or metastatic BRAF V600 mutation-positive melanoma – is recommended as an option by NICE (TAG 321) - RED Traffic Light. Mexiletine - ventricular tachycardia when other licensed treatments have been unsuccessful - approved for specialist cardiology use RED Traffic Light.  
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Minutes October 2014 (177 KB)02/12/2014Download
 Vitamin D Guidleuines - children approved. Brimonidine gel - symptomatic persistent facial erythema of rosacea - BLACK traffic light . Opthalmology Macular pathways - approved. Subcutaneous Tocilzumab - alternative to intravenous tocilizumab providing patient meets the prescribing criteria as set out in NICE technology appraisals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd line use to treat active rheumatoid arthritis and the agreed Lancashire Rheumatology Alliance flex for use as monotherapy - RED traffic light. RA 
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Archived Medicine Management Board Meeting Minutes

application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 21st January 2010 (43 KB)19/07/2010Download
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 25th February 2010 (43 KB)19/07/2010Download
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 25th March 2010 (37 KB)19/07/2010Download
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 22nd April 2010 (44 KB)19/07/2010Download
 ** Vitamin D; Immunoglobulin; Oxycodone; Dementia; Hyaluronic Acid; Venlafaxine MR; Ranolazine; Aliskeren; pain releif protocol for patients dependent on opiates; Magnesium aspartate; Mesalazine preparations; Pramipexole MR;  
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 20th May 2010 (83 KB)19/07/2010Download
 ** Immunoglobulin; Oxycodone; Dementia; Hyaluronic Acid; Venlafaxine MR; Ranolazine; Aliskeren; Pain releief protocol for patients dependent on opiates; Vitamin D; PbR exclusions list; good prescribing guidelines; Clopidogrel & PPI; CAMET recommendations; Neuropathic Pain; Genotropin; Omnitrope; Anti-TNF; CQUIN; Specials; Tenofovir; Betesil;  
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 17th June 2010 (43 KB)19/07/2010Download
 ** Immunoglobulin; Oxycodone; Dementia; Hyaluronic Acid; Venlafaxine MR; Ranolazine; Aliskeren; Pain releif protocol for patients dependent on opioids; Magnesium aspartate; Vitamin D; Pramipexole MR; Good prescribing guidelines; Clopidogrel and PPI; Neuropathic Pain; Anti-TNF; Palliative Care Guidelines; Priority setting of medicines; Silver dressings; Sorafenib; Pemetrexed; Glucosamine; Neonatal Medicines formulary; Sugammadex; Transvasin Cream; Continence formulary;  
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 15th July 2010 (43 KB)31/08/2010Download
 ** Rituximab; Oxycodone; Dementia; Hyaluronic acid; Venlafaxine MR; Ranolazine; Aliskeren; Viatmin D guidelines; Pramipexole MR; Good prescribing guidelines; Neuropathic Pain; Continence and catheter care formulary; High priority medicines for monitoring; Prucalopride; Phenobarbitone liquid; Chloral Hydrate; Vigabatrin; Potassium canrenoate; Chlorthiazide liquid; Spironolactone liquid; Tobramycin injection; Lercanidipine, Colecalciferol Dekristol; Metformin SR; Quixil Evicel; NPSA LMWH; Red traf 
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 19th August 2010 (41 KB)11/10/2010Download
 ** Oxycodone; Dementia; Hyaluronic acid; Venlafaxine MR; Aliskeren; Ranolazine; Magnesium Aspartate; Good prescribing guidelines; Priority setting of medicines; Saxagliptin; Sativex; Amifampridine Firdapse; Dutasteride; Diabetes sub-cut insulin chart; Erectile dysfunction policy; MERLOT trial; Nebusal; 
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 16th September 2010 (38 KB)11/10/2010Download
 ** Oxycodone; Dementia; Hyaluronis Acid; Priority setting of medicines; Saxagliptin; Nebusal; Withdrawal of Mixtard; Lipid modification; Goserelin; MMB governance controls; Prescribing accuracy; Contraception formulary; Roflumilast & Indacaterol; Arthrotec; Simvastatin Liquid; Secretin; Good prescribing guidelines; Abatacept; Tocilizumab; Dronedarone; 
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 20th October 2010 (38 KB)06/12/2010Download
 ** Mixtard withdrawal; Oxycodone; Demetia; Hyaluronic Acid; Priority setting of medicines; Anti-TNF's; Wound care formulary; Opioid choice for syringe driver; Cancer drugs fund; Lithium; Modafinil; Implanon; Nexplanon;  
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 17th November 2010 (46 KB)21/04/2011Download
 ** Modafinil; Oxycodone; Dementia treated with antipsychotics; Hyaluronic Acid; MMB governance controls; COPD guidelines; Atimos Modulite; Ranolazine; Aliskeren; Anti-TNF; Saxagliptin; Prescribing Accuracy; Specials; Ulipristal Ellaone; Co-careldopa gel; Teriparetide; Paediatric specials; Prednisolone EC 5mg tablets; Potassium permanganate; Movelat; Algesal; Eltrombopag; Ofatamumab; Bendamustine; Temsirolimus; Denosumab; Midwifery prescribing and exemption; Bowel preparations; 
application/pdfMedicines Management Board Meeting 15th December 2010 (40 KB)21/04/2011Download
 ** Aliskeren; oxycodone; Demetia treated with antipsychotics; MMB governance controls; Ranolazine; Anti-TNF; NICE MM Sub group; Midwives exemptions; Paediatric specials; Tobramycin Bramitob; Omalizumab; Mycophenolate; Adrenaline autopen Jext; Premarin; Ovestin; Topical NSAIDS; Black light medicines; Bowel Preparations; Food First;  
All material in this section is aimed at health professionals, but is information currently held within the public domain.   Members of the public seeking advice on medicine-related matters are encouraged to speak with their GP, pharmacist or nurse, or contact NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.  

Richard Lee, East Lancashire Health Economy New Drugs Pharmacist.


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