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Medicine Specific Guidelines

These are approved guidelines that specifically relate to a single medicine, or group of medicines, rather than focusing on the management of a specific disease. 

Guidelines In This Category

application/pdf04 Quetiapine MR to Quetiapine Guidelines for Switching for Health professionals (LCFT) (211 KB)24/10/2016Download
application/pdf04 Tapentadol MR Position Statement (intractable neuropathic pain in non-palliative care patients an (271 KB)21/10/2016Download
application/pdfAmifampridine - NHS England April 2013 (205 KB)31/07/2013Download
application/pdfAntimicrobial Guidelines for Primary Care - UTI in Pregnancy Letter (182 KB)20/08/2009Download
application/pdfAntimicrobial Guidelines Primary Care 2015 (29.00 MB)14/10/2015Download
application/pdfAntimicrobial Guidelines Secondary Care updated Sept 16 (1.57 MB)09/02/2016Download
application/pdfAripiprazole (Abilify Maintena®) prolonged-release (PR) suspension for injection/long-acting antipsy (413 KB)09/08/2016Download
application/pdfAripiprazole (Abilify Maintena®)/Paliperidone palmitate (Xeplion®) prolonged release suspension for (413 KB)09/08/2016Download
application/pdfArmour Thyroid - Staement from british Thyroid Association Exec Committee (99 KB)29/07/2014Download
application/mswordArmour Thyroid UKMI Q&A (131 KB)29/07/2014Download
application/pdfAssociation of escitalopram(Cipralex®) with dose-dependent QT interval prolongation (941 KB)09/01/2012Download
application/pdfBisphosphonates - Guidelines for the Management of Patients on Long Term Therapy (368 KB)19/04/2013Download
application/pdfBisphosphonates Letter 2010 -management of patients in Primary Dental Practice (86 KB)15/02/2013Download
application/pdfBuccal Midazolam (Buccolam) - Guidance for Practitioners (146 KB)17/11/2011Download
application/pdfCitalopram and Escitalopram: QT interval prolongation - new maximum daily dose restrictions, contrai (193 KB)09/01/2012Download
application/pdfClopidogrel Patient Information Leaflet (209 KB)26/07/2013Download
application/pdfConsensus statement for ORAL ANTICOAGULANT DRUGS for the prevention of stroke & systemic embolism in (333 KB)27/04/2016Download
application/pdfDabigatran,Rivaroxaban, Apixaban Prescribing Guidance in patients with non-valvular AF (890 KB)26/10/2012Download
application/pdfDalteparin Prophylaxis Switch (60 KB)21/12/2011Download
application/pdfDementia Medicines Prescribing Information Sheet (460 KB)07/09/2015Download
application/pdfDementia Prescribing Leaflet (447 KB)03/06/2016Download
application/pdfDexamethasone Injection - medication safety ELHT (386 KB)02/02/2015Download
application/pdfDuloxetine (Yentreve) for Urinary Incontinence Guidelines (120 KB)14/08/2007Download
application/pdfEast Lancs Health Economy Dabigatran Positiion Statement for prevention of non-valvular AF_final _Ja (244 KB)19/01/2012Download
application/pdfEscitalopram Promotional Agreement (24 KB)01/07/2008Download
application/pdfEtanercept Biosimilars Position Statement ELHE (351 KB)13/05/2016Download
application/pdfFingolimod (Gilenya®) Position Statement ELHE for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (329 KB)20/12/2012Download
application/pdfFondaparinux (Arixtra) Guidelines for Acute Coronary Syndromes (684 KB)01/07/2008Download
application/pdfFosfomycin 3g Guidance and Prescribing proforma for GPs (300 KB)02/04/2014Download
application/pdfFosfomycin GP protocol pathway _v2 updated (432 KB)02/04/2014Download
application/pdfGeneric Prescribing Position Statement (176 KB)21/11/2016Download
application/pdfGlucosamine patient information leaflet (1.51 MB)19/03/2009Download
application/pdfGolimumab for moderate to severe ulcerative colitis Position Statement ELHE Feb 14 (443 KB)19/05/2014Download
application/pdfGrapefruit - medication interactions: Forbidden fruit or avoidable consequences? (300 KB)07/01/2013Download
application/pdfGuanfacine (Intuniv®) New Medicine Recommendation (440 KB)23/09/2016Download
application/pdfGuidance for Healthcare professionals on Drug Driving (132 KB)16/02/2015Download
application/pdfGuideline for the Use of Droperidol (Xomolix) (41 KB)06/07/2011Download
application/pdfHepatitis C policy statement NHS England 2015 (194 KB)04/09/2015Download
application/pdfInfliximab Biosimilars Position Statement ELHE (349 KB)13/05/2016Download
application/pdfInfliximab for Pyoderma Gangrenosum EL Position Statement (107 KB)29/05/2012Download
application/pdfInsulin Glargine - Biosimilar Position Statement (342 KB)09/08/2016Download
application/pdfInsulin Toujeo Product Information Leaflet & Good Practice Guide (367 KB)27/09/2016Download
application/pdfIntegrated Skin Care Emollient Guidelines (283 KB)16/06/2016Download
application/pdfIsosorbide Mononitrate conversion to M/R (380 KB)07/05/2015Download
application/pdfLidocaine (Versatis®)localised neuropathic pain with predominance of allodynia and/or hyperalgesia a (413 KB)09/08/2016Download
application/pdfLow Molecular Weight Heparins- Best Practice Guidance (341 KB)24/08/2016Download
application/pdfLurasidone - New Medicine recommendation (623 KB)23/09/2016Download
application/pdfManagement of Patients receiving treatment with Bisphosphonates (170 KB)15/02/2013Download
application/pdfMouth Care for Head and Neck Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy Patients_PIL (81 KB)20/09/2012Download
application/mswordNear Patient Testing for High Risk / Amber Drugs Level 2 (Shared Care) (18.99 MB)08/07/2016Download
application/pdfNebulised Colomycin in Non-Cystic-Fibrosis Bronchiectasis (229 KB)09/08/2016Download
application/pdfNew Drug Driving Rules - Leaflet (895 KB)16/02/2015Download
image/jpegNew Drug Laws (32 KB)16/02/2015Download
application/pdfNOACS - Management of patients attending for endoscopy ELHT (315 KB)10/08/2015Download
application/pdfNutritional Supplementation Post Bariatric Surgery (102 KB)21/07/2011Download
application/pdfOral Anticoagulation Guidelines (for ELHT use only) May 2016 (988 KB)10/08/2010Download
application/pdfOxycodone use for post-operative pain -GP Advice (37 KB)16/03/2012Download
application/pdfPosition Statement for Alogliptin (263 KB)01/08/2016Download
application/pdfPost-operative pain relief- Patient Information (234 KB)16/03/2012Download
application/pdfPrescribing Guidance - LMWH - supporting document (499 KB)18/09/2015Download
application/pdfPrescribing Guidance for NOAC's in AF (769 KB)27/04/2016Download
application/pdfPrescribing Support Tool for Anticoagulants (300 KB)27/04/2016Download
application/pdfPreventing Harm From Oral Oxycodone Medicines -Safer Use of Controlled Drugs CQC (135 KB)11/05/2016Download
application/pdfPriority setting of medicines - overarching policy document (978 KB)16/02/2009Download
application/pdfRiluzole Patient information leaflet - shared care (252 KB)23/09/2016Download
application/pdfRituximab (MabThera) in Rheumatoid Arthritis non NICE approved indications policy (315 KB)23/03/2012Download
application/pdfRituximab ANCA - NHS England Policy April 2013 (267 KB)31/07/2013Download
application/pdfSMC Stiripentol Position Statement Dec 2008 (84 KB)18/07/2012Download
application/pdfSodium Oxbate for narcolepsy with cataplexy - New medicine recommendation (577 KB)16/06/2016Download
application/pdfSodium oxybate All Wales decision (47 KB)05/03/2012Download
application/pdfSodium Oxybate NETAG Appraisal Report (193 KB)05/03/2012Download
application/pdfSodium Oxybate SMC decision (104 KB)05/03/2012Download
application/pdfThe Prescribing of High Concentrate Fluoride Toothpaste-DTB (325 KB)20/09/2012Download
application/pdfTicagrelor GP Individual Notification Form (252 KB)31/05/2012Download
application/pdfTicagrelor Position Statement ELHE (220 KB)23/03/2012Download
application/pdfVitamins, Minerals, Supplements, Herbal and Homeopathic Medicines without a product licence - Positi (383 KB)20/12/2012Download
application/pdfXiapex Prior Approval Form (183 KB)15/02/2013Download



All material in this section is aimed at health professionals, but is information currently held within the public domain.   Members of the public seeking advice on medicine-related matters are encouraged to speak with their GP, pharmacist or nurse, or contact NHS Direct on 0845 46 47. 

Richard Lee, East Lancashire Health Economy New Drugs Pharmacist.


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