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Joint Medicines Formulary & Traffic Light Index

All medicines are listed alphabetically using the generic name where possible. Some brand names are used -  for multi-ingredient preparations or those with non-specific generic names.

 1.  Type the drug name in the 'Keywords' box
 2.  Click on the 'Search' button
 3.  Within the results, click on the 'generic name' of the medicine you are looking for.
 4.  Then click on the 'Link to the relevant section' - this will take you to the page in the formulary   
      that talks about  that medicine.  You will be able to see the traffic light for medicines here.

Generic NameBrand NameIndicationMMB Formulary SectionTraffic LightComments
AmlodipineGeneric prescribing onlyHypertension2>6>2GREEN 
Amorolfine nail lacquerLoceryl®Fungal nail infections13>10>2GREEN 
Amoxicillin capsules, suspension &...Generic prescribing onlySee Antimicrobial guidelines5>1>1>3GREENred for injection
Amoxicillin injectionNon-proprietarySee Antimicrobial guidelines5>1>1>3RED 
Amphotericin injectionAbelcet® AmBisome®...See Antimicrobial guidelines5>2REDon advice of consultant microbiologist
Amylase 19800 unit, Lipase 22000 unit,...Nutrizym 22Pancreatic insufficiency [second line...1>9>4AMBERSecond line option only - when there is...
AnagrelideXagrid®Essential thrombocythaemia9>1>4RED 
AnakinraKineret®Rheumatoid arthritisBlack traffic lightBLACK 
AnastrozoleArimidex®Hormonal treatment for early breast...8>3>4>1AMBER 
AnidulafunginEcalta®Invasive candidiasis or aspergillosis...5>2REDPrior approval with Consultant...
Antacid and Oxetacaine Suspension relief of severe pain inside the mouth...Appendix 6REDUnlicensed special medicine
Antazoline sulphate &...Otrivine-Antistin®Allergic conjunctivitis11>4>2GREEN 
Anti D immunoglobulin Pregnancy, rhesus negative women (NICE...14>5>3RED 
Antibiotics IV All indications REDSpecialist Medicine
Anti-human thymocyte immunoglobulin...ThymoglobulineImmunosuppressive therapy for...Black Traffic LightBLACKNHS England Commissioned
Anti-human thymocyte immunoglobulin...ThymoglobulineImmunosuppressive therapy for...8>2>2BLACKNHS England Commissioned replaces NICE...
Anusol® Haemorrhoids1>7>1GREEN 
Anusol® HC Haemorrhoids1>7>2GREENDo not use for longer than 7 days
ApixabanEliquis®Venous Thromboembolism in hip and knee...2>8GREEN 
Apixaban Stroke prevention in AF (NICE TA275)2>8>2GREEN