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Joint Medicines Formulary & Traffic Light Index

All medicines are listed alphabetically using the generic name where possible. Some brand names are used -  for multi-ingredient preparations or those with non-specific generic names.

 1.  Type the drug name in the 'Keywords' box
 2.  Click on the 'Search' button
 3.  Within the results, click on the 'generic name' of the medicine you are looking for.
 4.  Then click on the 'Link to the relevant section' - this will take you to the page in the formulary   
      that talks about  that medicine.  You will be able to see the traffic light for medicines here.

Generic NameBrand NameIndicationMMB Formulary SectionTraffic LightComments
AlemtuzumabMabCampath®Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia8>2>3RED 
AlemtuzumabMabCampath®Unlicensed use in Multiple SclerosisAppendix 6RED 
AlendronateGeneric prescribing onlyOsteoporosis; Secondary prevention of...6>6>2GREEN 
AlendronateGeneric prescribing onlyOsteoporosis; primary prevention of...6>6>2GREEN 
Alendronate & Vitamin DFosavance®Review onlineBlack traffic lightBLACK 
Alendronic acidBinosto® 70mg effervescent tablets...Osteoporosis NICE TA 464 - partially...6>6>2AMBERConsultant initiation in swallowing...
AlfacalcidolOne-Alpha®Vitamin D deficiency in renal...9>6>4AMBER 
Alfentanil injectionRapifen®Analgesia during short operative...15>1>4>3RED 
AlfuzosinXatral® Besavar® XL ...Benign prostatic hyperplasia7>4>1GREEN 
Alicaforsen Rectal Solution 4mg/mL Treatment of Pouchitis [unlicensed use]...1>5>1REDNamed patient basis only
Alimemazine (Trimeprazine)Vallergan®AntihistamineBlack Traffic LightBLACKNot a cost effective option see section...
AlirocumabPraluent®primary hypercholesterolaemia or mixed...2>12REDOnly if the highest possible dose of...
AliskirenRasilez®HypertensionBlack Traffic LightBLACKIn line with NHS England low priority...
AlitretinoinToctino®Severe, chronic hand eczema (NICE...13>5>1RED 
All brandsCovermark, Keromask, Beil, Dermacolor...Skin camouflage13>8>2RED 
AllopurinolCaplenal® Cosuric® ...Prophylaxis of gout10>1>4GREEN 
AlmetuzumabLemtrada®relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis...8>2>3RED 
Alogliptin BenzoateVipidia®An option in Type 2 Diabetes where dual...6>1>2>3GREENCombination products are not...
Alpha tocopheryl (Vitamin E)Non-proprietary, suspensionMalabsorption deficiencies9>6>5GREENTablets are "specials"
AlprostadilCaverject® Viridal Duo®Erectile dysfunction7>4>5AMBER