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Joint Medicines Formulary & Traffic Light Index

All medicines are listed alphabetically using the generic name where possible. Some brand names are used -  for multi-ingredient preparations or those with non-specific generic names.

 1.  Type the drug name in the 'Keywords' box
 2.  Click on the 'Search' button
 3.  Within the results, click on the 'generic name' of the medicine you are looking for.
 4.  Then click on the 'Link to the relevant section' - this will take you to the page in the formulary   
      that talks about  that medicine.  You will be able to see the traffic light for medicines here.

Generic NameBrand NameIndicationMMB Formulary SectionTraffic LightComments
Adapalene 0.1%/benzoyl peroxide 2.5%Epiduo Gel®Cutaneous treatment of acne vulgaris13>6>1GREEN 
Adapalene, cream & gelDifferin®Acne13>6>1GREEN 
Adefovir DipivoxilHepseraChronic Hepatitis B - NICE TA965>3>3>1REDSpecialist Medicine. NHS England...
AdenosineAdenocor® Adenoscan®Supraventricular arrythmias2>3>2RED 
Adrenaline (Epinephrine) 1 in 10,000Non-proprietaryCardiopulmonary resucitation2>7>3GREEN 
Adrenaline (Epinephrine) 150mcg &...Epipen Auto-Injector® Jext®...Anaphylaxis3>4>3GREENThe shelf-life of Jext has been...
Afatinib Locally advanced or metastatic squamous...Black Traffic LightBLACKafter platinum-based chemotherapy -...
AfatinibGiotrif®epidermal growth factor receptor...8>1>5REDrecommended as an option NICE TA310
AfliberceptEylea®Choroidal neovascularisation in adults11>8>2REDNHS England commissioned
AfliberceptZaltrap®Metastatic colorectal cancer that has...Black Traffic LightBLACKin combination with irinotecan and...
Aflibercept Visual impairment caused by macular...11>8>2REDNICE TAG 305
AfliberceptEylea®Recommended by NICE TAG346 as a...11>8>2REDNICE TAG346
Aflibercept solution for injectionEylea®wet age-related macular degeneration -...11>8>2RED 
AgomelatineValdoxan®Major depressive episodes (NICE TA231)Black traffic lightBLACK 
AlbendazoleAlbenza® Andazol® ...HookwormsAppendix 6REDUnlicensed medication
AlbiglutideEperzan®Type 2 diabetes mellitusBlack Traffic LightBLACK 
Albright's solutionnon-proprietaryUrine Alkalinisation, Prevention of... REDRefer back to original prescriber
Alcoholic tar extract shampooAlphosyl 2 in 1®Dandruff, scalp psoriasis, seborrhoeic...13>9GREEN 
Alectinib Previously treated anaplastic lymphoma...Black Traffic LightBLACKTerminated appraisal TA438
AlectininbAlecensaUntreated ALK-positive advanced...8>1>5REDNHS England commissioned