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Joint Medicines Formulary & Traffic Light Index

All medicines are listed alphabetically using the generic name where possible. Some brand names are used -  for multi-ingredient preparations or those with non-specific generic names.

 1.  Type the drug name in the 'Keywords' box
 2.  Click on the 'Search' button
 3.  Within the results, click on the 'generic name' of the medicine you are looking for.
 4.  Then click on the 'Link to the relevant section' - this will take you to the page in the formulary   
      that talks about  that medicine.  You will be able to see the traffic light for medicines here.

Generic NameBrand NameIndicationMMB Formulary SectionTraffic LightComments
Acetazolamide InjectionDiamox®Eye11>6RED 
Acetylcholine chlorideMiochol-E®Intra-occular irrigation11>8>2RED 
AcetylcysteineIlube®Tear deficiency11>8>1AMBERSelf-care policy applies - advise to...
Acetylcysteine capsulesFluimucil® NAC®Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisAppendix 6REDUnlicensed medication
Aciclovir creamZovirax® Zuvogen®Anti-viral13>10>3GREEN 
Aciclovir, oralVirovir® Zovirax®Anti-viral5>3>2>1GREEN 
AcitretinNeotigason®Severe treatment-resistant psoriasis13>5>2RED 
aclidinium /formoterolDuaklir Genvair COPD3>1>2GREEN 
Aclidinium BromideEklira Genuair®▼Chronic COPD (3rd line use only)3>1>2GREENFor use only when tiotropium is not...
ACWY vaccineAll brandsTravel vaccinationBlack Traffic LightBLACKSee Position Statement on the provision...
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...Moderate to severe hidradenitis...13>5>3RED 
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...Moderate to severe Ulcerative Colitis...1>5>3REDwhere conventional therapy...
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...Crohn's disease (NICE TA187)1>5>3RED 
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...Rheumatic diseases (NICE TA130, 143,...10>1>3RED 
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...For RA not previously treated with...10>1>3REDNICE TAG375
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...Juvenile idiopathic arthritis - as an...10>1>3REDNICE TA373
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...Rheumatoid arthritis not previously...10>1>3REDNICE TA375
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...Severe plaque psoriasis (NICE TA146)13>5>3RED 
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...Plaque psoriasis in children and young...13>5>3REDNHS England commissioned
AdalimumabHumira®, Amgevita (1st line choice...Non-infectious uveitis as an option by...11>4REDNHS England commissioned