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Joint Medicines Formulary & Traffic Light Index

All medicines are listed alphabetically using the generic name where possible. Some brand names are used -  for multi-ingredient preparations or those with non-specific generic names.

 1.  Type the drug name in the 'Keywords' box
 2.  Click on the 'Search' button
 3.  Within the results, click on the 'generic name' of the medicine you are looking for.
 4.  Then click on the 'Link to the relevant section' - this will take you to the page in the formulary   
      that talks about  that medicine.  You will be able to see the traffic light for medicines here.

Generic NameBrand NameIndicationMMB Formulary SectionTraffic LightComments
RabeprazolePariet®gastro-oesophageal refluxBlack traffic lightBLACK 
Rabies vaccinationAll brandsTravel vaccinationBlack Traffic LightBLACKSee Position Statement on the provision...
radium-223 dichlorideXofigoTreatment of hormone-relapsed prostate...8>1>5REDNICE TAG 376
RaloxifeneEvista®Primary prevention of osteoporosis in...Black traffic lightBLACKNICE TA160 - updated February 2018
RaloxifeneEvista®Secondary prevention of osteoporosis...6>4>1>1GREENalternative treatment - see guideline
RaltegravirIsentress®HIV infection5>3>1RED 
Ramipril capsulesGeneric prescribing onlyHypertension, symptomatic heart failure2>5>5>1GREEN 
RamucirumabCyramzaPreviously treated locally advanced or...Black Traffic LightBLACKNot recommended as an option in NICE...
Ramucirumab Avanced gastric cancer...BLACK TRAFFIC LIGHTBLACKNot recommended as per NICE TA378
RamucirumabCyramzaUnresectable hepatocellular carcinoma...Black traffic LightBLACKAppraisal terminated
RanibizumabLucentis® Visual impairment caused by macular...11>8>2REDsecondary to retinal vein occlusion
RanibizumabLucentis®Age-related macular degeneration (NICE...11>8>2RED 
RanibizumabLucentis®Choroidal neovascularisation associated...11>8>2REDRecommended as an option by NICE
RanibizumabLucentis®Diabetic Macular Oedema (NICE TA274)11>8>2RED 
Ranitidine injectionZantac®Reduction of gastric acidity1>3>1RED 
Ranitidine oralZantac®Chronic dyspepsia1>3>1GREENSyrup for paediatric use only
RanolazineRanexa®Stable Angina2>6>3AMBERReview available online
RasagilineAzilect®Parkinsons disease4>9>1AMBER 
RasburicaseFasturtec®Acute hyperuricaemia10>1>4REDconsultant haematologist only
Reboxetine tabletsEdronax®Depression4>3>4AMBERThis product should be initiated by...