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7.2 Treatment of vaginal and vulval conditions

7.2 Treatment of vaginal and vulval conditions

7.2.1 Preparations for vaginal atrophy

Refer also to HRT section
Topical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Topical oestrogen may be used alone in the short term in the minimum effective amount.
Long term use may require oral progestogen for 10 - 14 days each month.
First Line 
GREEN      Ovestin® (estriol)  vaginal cream 0.1% 
Second Line 
GREEN      Vagifem® (estradiol) vaginal tablets m/r 25 microgram    
[For post menopausal urogential conditions, inserted every 3 months; maximum duration of use 2 years]
GREEN      Estring ®7.5micrograms/24 hours -   estradiol releasing vaginal ring 

7.2.2 Vaginal and vulval infections

Fungal infections 
Vaginal candidiasis should be treated primarily with pessaries or cream inserted high into the vagina. Cream may also be needed 
for vulvitis and other sites of infection.
GREEN      Clotrimazole, cream 1% , vaginal cream 10%,  vaginal tablet 500mg  

Other infections 
GREEN      Clindamycin vaginal cream 2% 
GREEN      Metronidazole 0.75% vaginal gel 

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