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6.2 Thyroid and antithyroid drugs

6.2 Thyroid and antithyroid drugs

6.2.1 Thyroid hormones

GREEN       Levothyroxine tablets 25, 50, 100 microgram
BLACK       Levothyroxine liquid (all strengths)
RED           Liothyronine injection 20 microgram  (hospital use only in thyroid emergencies)  

BLACK       Armour Thyroid   
BLACK       Liothyronine tablets/capsules
                   link to UKMi Clinical evidence  
                   link to RCP - Diagnosis and management of primary hypothyroidism
                   link to New Medicines Assessment January 2020

6.2.2 Antithyroid drugs

Carbimazole is the drug of choice, with propylthioruracil used for patients with sensitivity to carbimazole or in pregnacy.
Warn patients that if a sore throat develops, in the first 6-8 weeks of therapy they should stop treatment and seek medical advice.
GREEN      Carbimazole tablets 5mg, 20mg
GREEN      Propylthiouracil tablets 50mg 
Partial thyroidectomy 
Iodine may be given for 10 - 14 days before surgery.
RED           Aqueous iodine oral solution 100mL (Lugol’s solution)

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