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4.2.3 Antimanic drugs

4.2.3 Antimanic drugs

4.2.3  Antimanic Drugs   
Link to Suggested Monitoring Requirements of High Risk Drugs
For prophylaxis and treatment of mania. Monitor levels with lithium.  A shared care guideline is available for the use of 
lithium, click here to access it.  
Carbamazepine is licensed for partial and secondary generalised tonic-clonic seizures, primary generalised tonic-clonic seizures;
trigeminal neuralgia; prophylaxis of bipolar disorder unresponsive to lithium.
AMBER            Carbamazepine 
                         tablets 100mg, 200mg, 400mg
                         tablets m/r 200mg, 400mg
                         liquid 100mg/5ml
                         Lithium carbonate sustained release tablets 200mg, 400mg
                         (Priadel®) - Always prescribe by brand name 
AMBER            Valproic acid e/c tablets  250mg, 500mg (Depakote®)
Lamotrigine is licensed for use as a mood stabiliser in bipolar disease.
AMBER          Lamotrigine tablets 25mg, 50mg

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